Prospera Glass creates art for places of worship, homes, offices, restaurants, stores, and schools, as well as small decorative pieces. Our creative team is ready to work with you.

Stained Glass

We create traditional baked and leaded stained glass. We use imported colored glass explicitly manufactured for stained glass art. Our artisans use specialized colored powder and paint and bake the glass in an oven specially fabricated for our use. The result is art on glass with vibrant colors and images illuminated by light.

Glass Mosaic

A glass mosaic is created by using small cuts of glass assembled to create artistic images. A mosaic is like an ancient puzzle used to decorate flat surfaces.

Beveled Glass

Beveled glass is a three-dimensional art using thicker glass, resulting in a diamond-like texture with angles on the edges. The result is a more nuanced reflection of light. Beveled Glass requires long experience in handling specialized machines.

Colored Glass

We supply colored glass for use in windows and doors that allows the light to shine through and enhances the character of the space. These are used in houses of worship, offices, and homes.

Glass Etching

We engrave figures, designs, and patterns on large glass panels using embossing, sand-blasting, frost etching, or casting. We create a translucent glass panel enhanced by art.